PD UHF Solution

Solution for a precise location of defects in elements located at short distances. This solution permits identify the origin of the defect in GIS compartments and to ratify PD sources in cable accessories and transformer connections. The PD UHF solution consists of:

  • 1 x MS Plus Portable
  • 3 x UHF sensor
  • 1 x UHF-HF three-phase converter
  • 1 x Fiber optic- Ethernet converter 
  • 1 x Control and Analysis Unit (portable PC)
  • 1 x PD-Plus Software License

Application in substations

The short-range UHF sensors can be located on the bushing of the transformer, near the cable termination or in GIS inspection windows in order to identify with high accuracy PD focus. The PD UHF solution is also compatible with pre-installed intrusive sensors.