PD Substation & Transformer Solution

Solution adapted for diagnosis in encapsulated substations and power transformers. This solution allows the detection and automatic localization of defects by measurements synchronized by optical fiber made by a single operator. The PD Substation & Transformer solution consists of:

  • 2 x MS Plus Portable
  • 7 x HFCT Sensor
  • 1 x Fiber optic- Etherner converter
  • 1 x Control and Analysis Unit (portable PC)
  • 1 x PD-Advanced Software License

Application for Substation & Transformers

Placing the sensors around the screen of the cable connecting the transformer to the GIS, it will be possible to detect defects coming from the GIS, the cable and the transformer. Defects in the connection cable and its terminations will be automatically using the PD Substation & Transformer solution.

Application in transformers

In order to detect and evaluate defects located inside the transofrmador, HFCT sensors must be placed in the medium and high voltage circuits as well as in the earthing of the transformer tank. On the medium voltage side the sensors will be placed around the screnn of the cable connection to the substationwhile on the high voltage side they will be placed at the capacitive sockets of the bushings. Finally, a sensor will be placed at the grounding of the tan to measure high partial discharges coming from inside the transformer.