Solution PD Pico

A unique and optimized solution composed of a MS Pico, 3 High Frequency Current Transformer sensors (HFCT) and 1 PD calibrator. This solution allows a single operator to diagnose the insulation condition in lines, encapsulated substations and power transformers quickly and easily.

Application for MV Grid

This solution allows independent measurements to cover Medium Voltage grid in service. A single operator is therefore able to automatically detect defects in a cabin, cable or transformer.

Application in periodic verification with optimized approach

The application of the measures in service in Medium Voltage grid as in the case of Wind Farms, allows to optimize the number of tests thanks to the propagation of the discharges through the interconnected elements. The wide range of HFCT sensors and the processing technique for the elimination of noise from the BlueBOX technology allow the detection of PD pulses from elements of the installation that could be outside the sensorized cable system.

The advantages of applying the measures in service in this type of installation (wind farms, airports, metros, factories ...) are the following:

  • The number of measurements is reduced and more insulation is checked than in the offline test, since the installation is in operation and all the elements are energized at the same time (cabin, cables and transformer).
  • Non-invasive sensors are used on the connections of the screen to ground, therefore the installation does not imply disconnecting and connecting cable terminations. This eliminates the risk of leaving the accessory incorrectly connected after the offline test and the risk of damaging the insulation in the manipulation of the accessory when it is already aged.
  • The collation of the sensors can be done in a planned way in a short voltage cut to open the MV cabin without affecting the production of the installation. And the DP measurement can be executed at any time during exploitation.

This type of service measures provide an alternative to offline trials with mobile generators, to meet the regulatory needs of periodic and initial checks of lines and facilities.

Application for HV Cables

This solution allows to make independent measurements along the accessories of a cable. A single operator is therefore able to automatically detect defects in cables, splices and terminations.

Application for Substation & Transformers

Through the bridge cable this solution allows to detect defects coming from the GIS, the bridge cable system and the transformer.

Application with UHF sensors

The UHF sensors for short range can locate on the bushing of the transformer, near the cable termination or in GIS inspection windows in order to identify with great precision sources of PDs. The PD Pico solution with UHF sensors also supports pre-installed invasive sensors.