By means of the Portable BlueBOX Partial Discharge measuring Instrument

Suitable for the following systems:

  • Cables
  • GIS
  • Transformers

Partial Discharge Diagnosis:

Periods of 1 day, 3 days or 1 week:

Every electical system to be diagnosed must be measured simultaneously from two different points. Every portable BlueBOX instrument will be placed in one end, and the measurement will be done synchronously, ir order to carry out efficiently the location of the possible insulation defect.

It will be necessary the placement of PD sensors in the same points of the portable BlueBOXs. These sensors will be placed by the customer, embracing the shields of every phase of the cable system to be diagnosed, following the indications given by the DIAEL technician.

The DIAEL measurement and diagnosis technician will carry out the number PD measures considered necessary to diagnose the electrical system efficiently.

7 days after the measurements, a Diagnostic PD Report with the conclusions obtained will be given to the customer.


  • Presence onsite of a technician specialized in PD, certified by DIAEL, per each BlueBOX portable instrument.
  • Installation of the necessary measuring equipments, by customer.