Retos Colaboración 2014 - OPTIMUS

The general scope of the project is to develop systems destinated to improve the quality in the power supply. For this, the project fixes some specific objectives:

  • Development of a methodology for the diagnostic of the status of the electrical network of secondary distribution, based on the monitoring and the location of partial discharges, to schedule the network maintenance and to avoid untimely interruptions in the electrical supply.
  • Development of a SCADA, integrating among its functions:
    • The monitoring and alarms coming from the diagnosis system of the distribution electrical network status, based on partial discharges.
    • Location of the point in which the partial discharges are produced.

The general scope of this challenge is to achieve a sustainable generation and an energy distribution respectful with the environment, economically affordable and socially acceptable, is the base to ensure a supply of energy sustainable, competitive and secure enabling adequate economic growth and social welfare. One of the aims of this project is to improve the distribution of electrical energy with components and equipments economically competitive that ensure the quality of the power supply providing more information in real time of the network status and anticipating failures in the network, thereby limiting the impact on the power supply interruption by means of a predictive maintenance.