Launch of the new product MS Pico for optimized insulation inspections

MS Pico

At the last CIGRE Paris technical conference, held on August 26, 2018, DIAEL announced that it has selected the oscilloscope PicoScope 5000D FlexRes as a key component for its new portable MS Pico system for partial discharge measurement.
The measurement of partial discharge is the most used technique to evaluate the insulation conditions of high voltage systems and provides an effective solution to evaluate the reliability of electrical installations.
The MS Pico system uses the patented technology of measurement and analysis of partial discharge BlueBOX to evaluate the insulation condition of equipment and materials for high voltage installations such as GIS, transformers, generators and especially insulated cables, during operation in the grid (online) or out of service by mobile generators (offline).
The BlueBOX technology digitally processes the captured signals to distinguish the transient events that are a characteristic of partial discharge signals from the normal patterns of electrical noise. With this technology it is possible to find partial discharge signals immersed under the noise level, even when the noise is random.
Javier Ortego, CEO of DIAEL, said: "The PicoScope 5000D allows the capture of high-speed transients with sampling rates of 1 GS/s with an 8 bit resolution, and can be changed to measure slower signals with a resolution of up to 16 bits and more than 70 dB SFDR, which makes it ideal for the wide range of signals that must be captured with the MS Pico test system."
Trevor Smith, Commercial Development Manager at Pico Technology, added his support, saying that "DIAEL has a proven track record in partial discharge testing, having obtained patents in the US for a new method to monitor partial discharge in high-voltage cables with splices and terminations. The PicoScope 5000D has helped DIAEL to bring that technology to the market in a form factor accessible to electricity grid operators."
The MS Pico test system is now available and sold through the DIAEL dealer network worldwide.