Technical session about Online Partial Discharge measurements on the insulation of High Voltage cables at COITIM

Technical Workshop

The school of Madrid in collaboration with the technology based company DIAEL (Diagnóstico del Aislamiento Eléctrico, SL) has orgnized in the collegiate headquarters this workshop, with the aim of publicizing the different techniques of checking the main insulation of underground lines of high voltage, according to the existing regulations.

The presentation of the act was in charge of Mr. Fernando Blaya Haro, Vice-Dean of COITIM , , who after welcoming the attendees, influenced the work developed by the Training section of the College, "which aims to improve the professional brand of its members and continuous quality training, which is why it has scheduled conferences like this." .

He then introduced the speakers, Mr. Fernando Garnacho Vecino, Director of the High Voltage Laboratory of the Official Central Electrotechnical Laboratory (LCOE) and Mr. Javier Ortego La Moneda, Technical Director of DIAEL.

This day was aimed to the technicians who design, maintain and verify high voltage underground lines, Control Organisms, Energy Transport and Distribution Companies. Electrical, Technicians of the different Delegations of Industry, Technicians of different companies (ADIF, Metro de Madrid, AENA, etc, Maintenance Companies of Eolic Parks and Photovoltaic Plants, etc).